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Kindness | Integrity | Respect for all | Achieving meaningful and credible results | Accountability | Learning


These are the values I hold close such that I have devoted 20 plus years now to doing my part in trying to make peoples lives better.

I have split my CV into two parts, the main body covering the permanent roles I have held and an addendum providing colour for the intense learning experiences I have had as an interim leader.


I am based in Manchester and cannot relocate, but i am happy to travel up to 30% of my time. For finite interim assignments I can travel for extended periods of time.


Important cultural hallmarks I look for or aim to build or change to in a business are:

a) patient focus

b) operate with sense of urgency

c) freedom to get stuff done with accountability

d) respectful

e) high calibre team

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Appends Consulting Ltd. 


To obtain a copy of my CV please email me using the contact link below.


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